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About us

"Idream" is an interior design studio that creates not only visually stunning, but also deeply personalized and practical designs. All our designs are created according to the customer's needs.

With the help of professional designers of "Idream" you will be able to solve such problems as: proper planning and arrangement of space and storage, combination of colors and lighting, etc.

We can simplify the issues you have and be the right interior design partner for you. The design you always had in mind.

About company


Frequently Asked Questions

• Interior design services depend on the size of the space and the customer's requirements. (To get detailed information, write to us on Facebook or Instagram)
• Finishing the design depends on the area of the flat/house. 2-4 weeks on average. • Completion of office or commercial space design in 2-8 weeks on average.
• The payment is made in stages: you pay 70% of the total amount before starting the works and the remaining 30% after the main works are completed. • Payment for repair work and furniture making is done individually.
• We work on interior and exterior design throughout Georgia. • We carry out repair works and furniture making, only in Tbilisi.
Work process - interior design


You can learn more about the interior design workflow before you call!



After the phone call (or correspondence on social networks), the customer will be informed in detail about the company's terms and conditions. (exact service price, performance period, etc.)



After agreeing on the terms, a contract is formed.



After taking the measures, a detailed interview will be held with the customer and the necessary information for creating the design will be clarified. The customer will be involved in the work process.



All agreed information will be provided to the customer. The designer will be involved remotely in the process of bringing the interior design to reality.


Why us?

We know exactly what you need! And how to give you all this!

We know:

1. How to distribute the partitions so that all spaces are as usable as possible.
2. What kind of lighting and wall colors are needed to create a cozy, warm or even fun/energetic environment at home.
3. How to create a special space for a perfume corner and how you can place things in a small space.
4. What kind of finishing materials should be purchased in order to be of high quality, and at the same time, where should you purchase all this?
5. What kind of environment will be suitable for your beloved pet, so as not to damage you easily.
6. How to arrange a child's room in such a way that it is adapted to his needs as much as possible and is safe.

This is an incomplete list of what you can get from us.


Every 10th customer will get half price.

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